HHYGGE|Group Activity: Small Tin Box Candle

  • Small tin box + confession candle

A seemingly ordinary candle, after being lit,
Slowly the words written inside will appear, and the message will be buried in the candle.


If you wish to host a 1 to 1.5 hour workshop,
The content is about self-reminder and positive encouragement,
I hope to use the power of words to infuse the hand-making process of scented candles,
You can make this combination of a small iron box and a confession candle.

Welcome to make your request to us,
We will tailor the design direction of each advertising candle for you.


  • Dried flowers for decoration
  • Letter shape
  • Hand pinch shape


Feel Free to Whatsapp 9828 1689 for Arrangement

We have held many handicraft workshops,
Arrangements can be made in our studio or onsite events.

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