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The Danish word hygge refers to the blessing moments in life.


We use various therapeutic tools, including aromatherapy, art therapy, sound therapy and reiki therapy,
Integrate different mindfulness activities to improve physical, mental and spiritual health.
Live well and notice and feel the blessings moments in daily life.


Founder Gel Chu,
Due to Covid-19, I lost my 12-year career as a flight attendant.
On the day I was laid off, I rented a studio and decided to start a business.
Teach handicraft courses and Reiki courses,
I have been invited to hold different activities,
Promote mindfulness, lead relaxation, listen to other people's stories, share my own experiences,
I feel more deeply the "impermanence" of the world.

Faced with the rapid changes in the world,
Many people are obsessed with gains and losses,
There is no way to adapt to changes and it is easy to cause psychological problems.
People who actively seek help from mind, body and spirit tools,
are willing to share themselves and accept help,
But there are many people around me,
He will not take the initiative to express his feelings, or even avoid the dark side of his heart.
Seeing this,
I hope to bring therapy into daily life,
From the activities of mindfulness,
In the most comfortable state, through the five senses, art, and daily life applications,
Be self-aware,
Heal yourself from the blessing moments.




Instructor qualifications:


-Painting analysis and therapy practitioner
-Applied Arts and Therapy Practitioner
-PBE emotional health game leader executive


Aromatherapy and Art:

-TQUK Diploma in Natural Aromatherapy Candle-making Instructor (Level 5) Certified Assessor
-TQUK Diploma in Natural Aromatic Handicrafts & Art (Level 4) Certified Assessor
-IFA International Professional Aromatherapy Therapist Diploma
-NAHA Clinical Aromatherapy Level 3
-Korea KCCA Candle Instructor
-Korea KCCA Incense All Master Class Incense Instructor
-Korea KCCA All That Incense Incense Instructor
-Korea JSISCandle plaster design instructor
-Korea SDCA beeswax instructor
-Korea EBEN stone candle craftsman
-Korean Hastable Ganache Decorative Dessert Candle Craftsman
-Korean KDCA natural essential oil perfume perfumer
-Korean ICAD Pet Aromatherapy Instructor
-Japanese Draw by Ballare candle maker
-Japan Tokyo Candle Orange Label Candle Diploma
-Korean SSDA Situational Soap Handmade Soap Craftsman
-Taiwan Plenty Petals handmade soap craftsman



-Usui Reiki Master
-Money Reiki Master
-Tulip Passion Reiki Practitioner
-Self-Love Reiki Master
-Soul Mate and Twin Flame Reiki Master
-Unicorn Reiki Practitioner
-Akashic Records Senior Executive
-Senior Practitioner of Spiritual Reflexology
-Animal Communication


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