Collection: Personal Growth

certificate courses

Everyone can have achievements, have interests, and be what they like.

Through different courses, we help you find your self-worth in the small blessings, so as to create your comfortable and dream life. This is my original intention of establishing HHYGGE.

online courses,
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Instructor qualifications:

-British TQUK Natural Scented Candle Craft Instructor Certificate (Level 5) Review
-British TQUK Aromatherapy Handicraft and Art Instructor Certificate (Level 4) Review
-British IFA International Professional Aromatherapy Therapist Diploma
-American NAHA Clinical Aromatherapy Level 3
-Korea KCCA Candle Instructor
-Korea KCCA Incense All Master Class Incense Instructor
-Korea KCCA All That Incense Incense Instructor
-Korea JSISCandle plaster design instructor
-Korea SDCA beeswax instructor
-Korea EBEN stone candle craftsman
-Korean Hastable Ganache Decorative Dessert Candle Craftsman
- Korean KDCA natural essential oil perfume perfumer
-Korean ICAD Pet Aromatherapy Instructor
-Japanese Draw by Ballare candle maker
-Japan Tokyo Candle Orange Label Candle Diploma
-Korean SSDA Situational Soap Handmade Soap Craftsman
-Taiwan Plenty Petals handmade soap craftsman