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JSISCandle Plaster Design Creator Certificate Course

JSISCandle Plaster Design Creator Certificate Course

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JSISCANDLE Plaster Design Creator Class Plaster Design Certificate Course (Online Course)

If you want to take physical courses,
Can be arranged via WhatsApp 98281689.


Finished products include:

-Terrazzo tray
-Terrazzo letter tray
-Hand-painted constellation pattern tray
-Star amphibole Bling Bling tray


more content:
- Astrolabe interpretation
-Planets and Constellations
-Introduction to 12 kinds of aromatherapy essential oils
-How to prepare Zodiac Power Diffuser according to your personal horoscope


The online courses include certificate application and will also provide ways to purchase materials.
After receiving the electronic certificate, you can also start teaching classes and help students apply for certificates!

You can enter the course directly after purchasing.


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