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Candle Refill Pack

Candle Refill Pack

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original design candle refill pack

For the convenience of everyone,

And reduce the losses that may occur during container transportation,

Hhygge launches the most convenient candle refill pack.

Recycle containers at home,

Whether it is glass, cement, metal, ceramics,

They can all be refilled.

Become the new candle! 🕯️

Just 4 steps,

You can do it without using any candle tool!


Clean the container with hot water and replace with a new candle wick


Bring hot water to boiling state


Turn off the stove and put the refill pack into hot water and heat it for 5 minutes


Add essential oil, stir, pour into container and cool

You can use water in advance,

measure the capacity of a container,

and measure the diameter of the vessel,

Purchase refill packs based on the amount you need,

We will mix the proportion of aromatherapy oil for you,

And the thickness of the candle wick.


H for series 6 fragrances

Price: $1 per gram ( minimum purchase 80g )

Candle Booster Pack Contents:

soy wax

Essential Oil

candle wick

candle wick stickers

candle wick fixing stick

Fragrance introduction


Suitable for home use, making the space full of security.

Relax your mind and achieve a peaceful sleep. 🤍

The top note of this candle has a spicy scent, the middle note slowly brings out the fresh floral fragrance of lavender, and finally the woody base note of cedar wood makes you feel like you are walking into the forest and surrounded by the warmth of Mother Earth.


Aromatherapy: harmony, soothing

Energy: purify, exorcise evil spirits, protect your own space


Aromatherapy: antidepressant, improve insomnia

Energy: calm sudden panic and irritability

Black pepper:

Aromatherapy: improve fatigue, warm

Energy: focus on yourself and avoid the malicious influence of others


Suitable for maintaining a harmonious atmosphere, full of positive energy at all times, and keeping a cheerful and light mood anytime and anywhere. Coping with sudden emotional harassment.

The top note of this candle is fresh citrus, then the middle note is vibrant grass scent, and the final base note is woody patchouli. It feels like enjoying a special drink on an exotic grassland and under the sun on vacation.


Aromatherapy: refreshing, anti-depressant

Energy: Positive energy, breaking the dullness


Aromatherapy: antidepressant, aiding digestion

Energetically: Emotions are heightened and self-awareness is established.


Aromatherapy: Coping with anxiety, calming

Energy: grounding, powerful life force


It is suitable for establishing a sacred space and helps to protect the space without interference or persecution when meditating or making magic items.

The top note of this candle is a light white floral fragrance, with the mysterious resin aroma as the middle and base notes, and the final base note of myrtle continues to spread calmly, making people directly enter a deep state of tranquility.


Aromatherapy: astringent, calming

Energetically: Positive force, protection

Orange blossom:

Aromatherapy: sedative, improve insomnia

Energetically: High degree of yin and yang harmony


Aromatherapy: antibacterial, astringent, purifying

Energy: Meet a better self


Suitable for people who want to enhance their personal charm, have romantic love, and find opportunities to fall in love with deep affection.

The top note of this candle is a lively and sweet floral fragrance, while the middle and base notes are rich, rich, gorgeous and exotic. The sweetness can rekindle the passion between partners and bring a romantic atmosphere.

Ylang Ylang:

Aromatherapy: Producing hormones

Energetically: passion, sex, intimacy


Aromatherapy: regulate hormones and balance

Energetically: feeling within, uniqueness, loving yourself


Aromatherapy: enhance mood, nourish

Energy: Find your own position and enhance your self-worth and charm.


It is suitable for those who hope to create abundant energy in career or money, be rewarded for their efforts, and achieve a state of abundance and enjoyment of life.

The top note of this candle is spicy, the middle note is the refreshing fragrance of honey and rice field hay, and the final base note is invigorating ginger. The warmth leads to the flow of money energy.

Bitter Orange:

Aromatherapy: refreshing, anti-depressant

Energy: Create matter and seize wealth


Aromatherapy: stress reduction, liver detoxification

Energy: Create light, collective glory


Aromatherapy: enhance memory and sharpen the mind

Energy: acceleration, fast money flow, mobility


Suitable for focusing on emotional health, repairing oneself and returning to the present state, to achieve the unity of body, mind and soul.

The top notes of this candle are thick and layered herbs, the middle and base notes are gentle and nourishing myrrh, and sweet benzoin and titanium, giving people a sense of inner peace and the joy of all satisfaction.


Aromatherapy: refreshing, anti-depressant

Energy: Create matter and seize wealth


Aromatherapy: boosting mood, anti-anxiety

Energy: Get back what belongs to you, make a fortune

Clary Sage:

Aromatherapy: Relaxing, soothing, balancing

Energetically: clear eyes, seeing the reasons behind

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